40 Day Fast of Yeshua

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3 Temptations of Yeshua

40 Day Fast of Yeshua

3rd/9 Biblical order of occurrence 40 degree-days.

2nd/3 temptations during the 40 Day Fast of Yeshua during AD 30 on the worldwide level, context or scope specifies the placing on top of the pinnacle[1] (פנת גג) of the temple of the holy city, scheduled with WeiXiuBu (宿), the 2nd/3 XiuBu (宿) dangerous rooftop mansion department of XiaoTian YuanFangSan ( ), the 3rd/9 Mictlan Underworlds: the Mayan 7th/9 Planetary Underworld.

Because John the Baptist gradually came to doubt Yeshua and finally even undermined his work, the Jewish people, who had the highest esteem for John, were compelled to disbelieve in Yeshua. Due to the foundation of faith which John had laid for the first worldwide course to restore Canaan being invaded by Satan. Jesus himself now had to take on John's mission and restore through indemnity the foundation of faith in order to set out on the second worldwide course to restore Canaan. Yeshua had to fast for 40 days[2] in the wilderness, which was to separate Satan for the very purpose of restoring the foundation of faith by assuming the position of John the Baptist.[3]

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