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Annual Report (AR) beginning:

January 1 (GongLi , 11,357 BCE) proleptic Gregorian calendar.

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

41st/60 years; JiaChen () of the -145th Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () begins.

Enki Instructs Ziusudra

BC AYN 11,356 [11,000]: Enki (ענקי] breaks the oath, instructs Ziusudra; the precursor for the Biblical Noah, to build a submersible ship. The flood (בלוד) or deluge sweeps over the Earth; the Anunnaki (עננאקי) witness the total destruction out of their orbiting spacecraft (Igigi: חגגי, חוג; “circuitry” of heaven or the planets in the orbit of the ecliptic).

Approximate to the Sumerian deluge is the Ogygian deluge occurring in the time of Ogyges (Ωγυγιος: חגגי), a mythical king of ancient Greece, generally of Boeotia as king of the Ectenes (Etana) who were the autochthones or earliest inhabitants of Boeotia, where the city of Thebes would later be founded. Egyptian Thebes was the site of his kingdom according to the scholastic of Lycophron. Plato (Laws, Book III) estimates that this flood (בלוד) occurred 10,000 years (BC AYN 10,857) before his time (428/427–348/347 BCE). The theory of the flood in the Aegean Basin proposes that a great flood occurred at the end of the Late Pleistocene or beginning of the Holocene. This flood would coincide with the end of the last ice age. All of these sources verify the same original Sumerian deluge or worldwide flood.

Emerging Land

BC AYN 11,356: 9,501th/10,000 years of the 1st/6 Ages during the Period of Egyptian Symbolic Time-identity of the Period of Emerging Land, since BC AYN 20,856.

Shar 120

BC AYN 11,356: 941st/3600 years of the 120th/120 royal shar (שר), since BC AYN 12,296, and the appearance of the celestial body Nibiru (נעבירו) to the earth, 10,800 years before the solar eclipse of BC AYN 556 and accession of Nabonidus, king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.[1]

Virgo.png Virgoan Age

BC AYN 11,356: 1661st/2160 years of the mathematical Astrological Virgoan Age, since BC AYN 13,016.


BC AYN 11,356: 501st/1000 years Ra (רא); the Egyptian manifestation of MAR-DUK (מר-דוק) continuing to reign over Egypt: the 2nd/4 Regions, during the range of the Chinese ZhenXiu (宿) "running board millennial mansion" of HR-527.

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