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Annual Report (AR) beginning:

January 1 (GongLi 公曆, 1184 BCE).

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

5th/60 years; WuChen () of the 24th Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () beginning:

22 January (GongLi 公曆): 1-1 Nisan (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi ().

Ashur-Dan I

12th/46[1] years of the reign of King Ashur-Dan I(אשור-דן); Hebrew: “Ashur Judge,” King of Assyria (אשור) #83 in the Assyrian King List during the Middle Assyrian period according to the List of Assyrian kings.

Period of Judges

346th/400 years of the 2nd/6 providential periods of Image Time-identity on the national level extent, scope or context of the providential Period of Judges.


1st/40 years of the Judgeship of Eli (עלי) the 14th/15 judges (שפט) of Israel is 59 years old and the parallel Assyrian constructee of Ila-Hadda or Ili-pada (עלי) a descendant of Eriba-Adad I #72 in the Assyrian King List, and the father of Ninurta-apal-Ekur #82 in the Assyrian King List.

Archon Menestheus

22nd/23 years (1209) of the reign of Menestheus (Μενεσθευς) is the 11th Archon (αρχων) of Athens, when Troy is taken, in the 22nd year that Menestheus Archon (αρχων) of Athens, on the 7th day before the end of the month Thargelion.

Trojan War

10th/10 years of the Trojan War which was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks) after Alexander of Ilion nicknamed Paris of Troy a younger son of Priam[2] who took Helen (Ελενη, חלנה) whose husband was Menelaus king of Sparta (ספרתא). The 10-year-long Trojan War beginning in BC AYN 1192 happening because of an apple, which is the prize for judging three women’s beauty, one of these offering Helen to the shepherd-judge.[3]


The Aeneid tells that Aeneas is one of the few Trojans who are not with killing or becomes slaves when Troy fell. After the Trojan War, as the city is with burnings, Aeneas (Αινειας), after being with commands by the gods to flee, gathers a group, collectively known as the Aeneads (Αινειαδαι), travel to Latium in Italy and become progenitors of Romans. The Aeneads specify Aeneas's trumpeter Misenus, his father Anchises, his friends Achates, Sergestus, and Acmon, the healer Iapyx, the helmsman Palinurus, and his son Ascanius (Ασκανιος, 1176-1138 BC) also known as Iulus, Julus, or Ascanius Julius though Creusa (Κρεουσα) of Troy wife of Aeneas and mother of Ascanius dies during the migrating.


Achilles drags Hector

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  2. Priam’s name is a form of the Luwian (Luvian) compound Priya-muwa-, which means “exceptionally courageous”
  3. Judges 12:11, c.f. 10 years captivity of Helen (Ελενη) during the Trojan War with specifics of Saint Jerome’s 2nd chronicle of Eusebius Part 1

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