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WikiSyphers as the Chinese lunar calendar calculator utilizes astronomical year numbering (AYN) which is minus 1 with respect to BC or BCE (GongLi ) chronology.

Annual Report (AR) beginning January 1 (GongLi , 1257 BCE) in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

1st/60 years; JiaZi () of the 24rd Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () beginning:

25 January (GongLi 公曆): 1-1 Nisan (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi ().

Middle Assyrian Kingdom

24th/30 years of the reign of Shalmaneser I [1](שלמנ-אסר); “Shulmanu pre-eminent,” the son of Adad-nirari I in the original list of Assyrian kings is #77, the 45th/77 and the 6th/27 kings of the Middle Assyrian period covering 30 annual limmum (לימים); "years," the 41st/81 heads or chiefs YingShou (, 응수); the "befitting head or chief" according to the Assyrian Standard Guideline.

Third Dynasty of Babylon

16th/18+ years of the reign of Kadashman-Turgu king of Babylon dynasty III, reigning 18+ years, the 31st/81 heads or chiefs ZhuangShou (, 장수); the "pretence head or chief" according to the Babylonian Standard Guideline.


18th/59 years of the reign of WuDing () born ZiZhao (); the "viscount of brightness" a king of the Shang Dynasty in ancient China. WuDing () married the consort FuHao (); the "fine, well, excellent, better or good wife," 1/60 wives and a renowned warrior. Most of the oracle bones studied are believed to have come out of his reign.

Coinciding with Jair (יאיר) and the YangLi () astrological month of Aries or Mars the God or deity of war is the 18th/59 years of the reign of WuDing (); the "military or martial vigorous, robust or male" king of the Shang Dynasty.

Wu (); the "military or martial (Aries or Mars) vigorous, robust or male" of WuDing () is the same Chinese character for Wu () of ZhouChao (, 주조, זו-צו); the "Zhou (morning) dynasty reigning (BC AYN 1045-BC AYN 1042) connecting Shalmaneser I of Assyria with Solomon of the Period of the United Kingdom of Israel of the Hebrews.

Period of Judges

273rd/400 years of the 2nd/6 providential periods of Image Time-identity on the national level extent, scope or context of the providential Period of Judges.

Judgeship of Jair

1st/22[2] years of the Judgeship of Jair (יאיר) a Gileadite (הגלעדי) who judges Israel.

A portion of the first Israel's substantial inheritance includes "Jair the son of Manasseh (who) took all the country of Argob" (ארגב: Argive, Αργειο; “Greeks”)... "threescore (60 :ששים) cities (עיר), all the region of Argob (ארגב); a "heap of clods" and the light (אר) of GB (: גב) ..."the kingdom of Og (עוג) in Bashan" [3](בשן) ..."unto the coasts of Geshuri (גשורי) and Maachathi (המעכתי); and called them after his own name, Bashanhavothjair"[4] (בשן חות יאיר).

Jair had 30 sons (בנים) that rode on 30 ass colts (עירים); "he-asses or male asses," and they had 30 cities (עירים) or small towns[5] (חותיהם; תוען) which are called Havothjair[6] (חות יאיר); “tent encampments”[7] (חות יאיר) or “villages of Jair.”

Jair is the son of Segub[8] (שגב, BC AYN 1317: 60 years old); "exalted or high" and S (ש); "is" GB (: גב) the son of Hezron (60 years old: BC AYN 1377) and the daughter of Machir (מכיר) the father of Gilead (גל-עד), is the same Jair, who had 23 cities (עירים) in the land of Gilead.[9]

The 60 cities (עיר) of Argob are symbolic of the Sumerian base 60 sexagesimal cycle and the Chinese sexagenary cycle of 60 years beginning 1st/60: 1256 and continuing through to the 60th/60: BC AYN 1197 a function of World of Fire-rain when used for 60 years.

The 30 ass colts (עירים); "he-asses or male asses," correlates to the Chinese 2nd/12 lunar months of ErYue (), the same as the biblical ecclesiastical month of Iyar (אייר) cognate with Jair (יאיר) and located in the far east (1st/32 PI) of the 360 degree solar year compass circle in the Universal Syphers templates.

The 30 sons (בנים) that rode on 30 ass colts (עירים) are the 30 solar days of the 2nd/12 lunar months of ErYue ()-Iyar (אייר) synchronized and concurrent with the YangLi () astrological month of Aries during the astrological Arian Age.

The 30 cities are the 30 ShangCheng (); the "upper protocols" of the 1st–30th/64 dynamic binary figures, MingCheng () or King Wen () sequence of named protocols.

Maachathi [10](המעכתי); "the natives of MICT" (מעכת); "pressure" is the root compound of mictlan (מעכת-לן); the "place" of MICT (מעכת) of Mictlan's Nine Underworlds in the Aztec underworld.

ShangCheng Upper Protocols 1st–30th/64 Dynamic Binary List

Index Order ASCII Quantum # Asset Class Time (Hindu Units) Sound Chinese & Korean Interpretation & Meaning Tarot Card 1st/30 64: @ 65/128 Atomic Time[11] 10-8 Qian (), Gaun () force or dry sky XIX The Sun 2nd/30 65: A 66/128 10-7 Seconds Kun (), Gon () field or earth XXI The World 3rd/30 66: B 67/128 10-6 Seconds Zhun (), Jun () sprouting or camp 8♣ Wands 4th/30 67: C 68/128 Anu 6.584 X 10-5 Sec. Meng (), Mong () enveloping or dress; don King Swords 5th/30 68: D 69/128 Truti 5.925 X 10-4 Sec. Xu (), Su () attending or to wait for 2♣ Wands 6th/30 69: E 70/128 10-3 Seconds Song (), Song () arguing or litigate 9♥ Cups 7th/30 70: F 71/128 Vedha 5.9 X 10-2 Sec. Shi (), Sa () leading or instructor Queen Swords 8th/30 71: G 72/128 lava 1.777 X 10-1 Sec. Bi (), Bi () grouping or compare Knight Wands 9th/30 72: H 73/128 Prana 4 X 100 XiaoChu (), SoChuk () small accumulating, pile up or heard 1♣ Wands 10th/30 73: I 74/128 Vinadi 2.4 X 101 Sec. Lu (), Ri () treading or shoes 1♥ Cups 11th/30 74: J 75/128 Laghu 1.2 X 102 Tai (), Tae () pervading or great 2♠ Swords 12th/30 75: K 76/128 Nadi 1.4 X 103 Sec. Pi (), Bi () obstruction or to be stopped Jack Cups 13th/30 76: L 77/128 104 Seconds TongRen (), DonGin () concording or alike people 3♥ Cups 14th/30 77: M 78/128 105 Seconds DaYou (), DaeYou () great possessing or great exist 1♦ Coins 15th/30 78: N 79/128 106 Seconds Qian (), Gyaum () humbling or modest Knight Swords 16th/30 79: O 80/128 107 Seconds Yu (), Ye () providing-for or beforehand Knight Coins 17th/30 80: P 81/128 108 Seconds Shui (), Su () following, means or way 6♥ Cups 18th/30 81: Q 82/128 109 Seconds Gu (), Go () corrupting or infatuate 9♠ Swords 19th/30 82: R 83/128 1010 Seconds Lin (), Rim () nearing or face on; front on 4♠ Swords 20th/30 83: S 84/128 1011 Seconds Guan (), Goan () viewing or observe Jack Wands 21st/30 84: T 85/128 1012 Seconds SheHi (), ShauHab () bite gnawing or divining rod talkative 5♦ Coins 22nd/30 85: U 86/128 1013 Seconds Bi (), Bi () adorning or energetic 5♠ Swords 23rd/30 86: V 87/128 1014 Seconds Bo (), Bak () stripping or peel off Jack Swords 24th/30 87: W 88/128 1015 Seconds Fu (), Bok () returning or restore 8♠ Swords 25th/30 88: X 89/128 1016 Seconds WuWang (), MuMang () without embroiling, not senile or false 5♥ Cups 26th/30 89: Y 90/128 Mahayuga 2.68 X 1017 Sec. DaChu (), DaeChuk () great accumulating pile-up or great heard 1♠ Swords 27th/30 90: Z 91/128 1018 Seconds Yi (), I () swallowing or jaw 7♠ Swords 28th/30 91: [ 92/128 Brahma 9.67 X 1019 Sec. DaGuo (), DaeGoa () great exceeding or pass by/through 8♥ Cups 29th/30 92: \ 93/128 1020 Seconds Kan (), Gam () gorge, pit or hole I Mago 30th/30 93: ] 94/128 Mahakalpa 9.67 X 1021 Sec. Li (), Ri () radiance, leave or depart (arrive) XVI The Tower


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