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WikiSyphers as the Chinese lunar calendar calculator utilizes astronomical year numbering (AYN) which is minus 1 with respect to BC or BCE (GongLi ) chronology.

Annual Report (AR) beginning January 1 (GongLi , 1463 BCE) in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

13 January (GongLi ) is the Gregorian full 365 day years since BC AYN 1579, the original Gregorian birthday of Moseh (משה).

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

35th/60 years; WuXu () of the 20th Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia ().

4 February (GongLi 公曆): 1-1 Nisan (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi () within the:

Old Assyrian Kingdom

8th/20 years of the reign of Ashur-rabi I, the son of Enlil-nasir, ousted Ashur-shaduni, and seized the throne" in the original list of Assyrian kings is #65, the 33nd/77 and the 33nd/39 kings of the old Assyrian period covering 20 annual limmum (לימים); "years," the 29th/81 heads or chiefs DuanShou (, 단수); the "severing head or chief" according to the Assyrian Standard Guideline.

TaiWu of Shang Dynasty

73rd/75 years of the 9th/30 ShangChao (); "Shang Dynasty" monarchs TaiWu () whose reign began in BC AYN 1534 according to the Chinese Standard Guideline.

Reoccupation of Canaan

118th/120 years of the national level extent (context) of Moseh’ providential Period of the Reoccupation of Canaan (כנען).

Wandering in the Wilderness

38th/40 years of the 3rd/3 40 year periods is the Third National Course Wandering in the Wilderness in the 3rd/3[1] national level extent, scope or context courses to re-claim (רה-כלעם) Canaan (כנען) in the Period of the Reoccupation of Canaan.

Joshua Son of Nun

79th/110[2] years of Joshua (יהושע) son of Nun.

Caleb Son of Jephunneh

76th/85[3] years old is Caleb (כלב) the son of Jephunneh (יפנה).

Edomite Kingdom

173rd/248 years since BC AYN 1702 of the Edomite Kingdom before any kings reigned over Israel.


41st/48 years of the reign of Hadad who is Hadar (הדר) whose capital city is Pau (פעו); “bleating or baaing” (sheep's cry), over the children of Edom (אדום).


24th/38[4] years of the reign of Abianus (אבי-אנוש) king of Chittim (כתים). In the genealogy of Genesis 10:4 in the Hebrew Bible, Chittim (כתים) is the son of Javan (יון), the grandson of Japheth (יפת).

Period of Judges

67th/400 years of the 2nd/6 historical periods of Image Time-identity on the national level extent or scope of the providential Period of Judges.[5]

Judgeship of Ehud

3rd/80 years of the Judgeship of Ehud the son of Gera (אהוד בנ-גרא) who judged BC AYN 1462 through BC AYN 1383.

Hatshepsut & Thutmose III

18th/21 regnal years of the co-regency (20/21 years) of Hatshepsut the 5th/15 Pharaoh's of the 18th dynasty of Egypt.

18th/54 regnal years of the co-regency of Thutmose III (תחת-משה) the 6th/15 Pharaoh's of the 18th dynasty of Egypt.


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