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January 1 (GongLi 公曆, 181,497 BCE) Gregorian calendar.


7th/10 Sumerian predynastic Nephelim of the Sumerian king list is EN.MEN.DUR.AN.NA[1] (ענ-מהן-דור-ענא) in the Period of Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim began in BC AYN 203,096 and ends in BC AYN 138,297 is in the 21,601st year in BC AYN 181,496

Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim

1st/3600 years of the 73rd/120 shar (שר) orbital periods; after 6 shar EN.MEN.DUR.AN.NA (ען-מהן-דור-ען-נא) also known as EN.ME.DUR.AN.NA[2] (ען-מה-דור-ען-נא) who became high Priest establishing the institution of priesthood and was renamed EN.ME.DUR.AN.KI (ען-מה-דור-ען-קי) or in Hellenized phonetics Edoranchus (הדורענכי); literally: Master of the “divine tablets[3] of heaven-earth bond.”

Enmenduranna and Enoch

Enmenduranna's 6 shar periods = 21,600 years and 21,600/60 = 360; the same number as the number of years of the Biblical Enoch’s lifespan using the ancient tropical solar year interpretations.

Master of the Divine Tablets of Heavenly Bond

The Sumerian deities[4] of Shamash (שמש) and Adad (אדד) gave him the divine tablets [5](מה), the kibbu secret of heaven and earth. Shamash and Adad taught him how to make calculations with numbers. In the Book of Enoch Uriel (אוריאל); "Allah (אלה) is my light" showed Enoch (חנוך) the secrets of the Sun: solstices and equinoxes, “6 portals” (6 sides in cubic space) in all and the laws of the Moon and the 12 constellations of the stars, all the workings of heaven. And in the end of the instructing, Uriel (אוריאל) gave Enoch (חנוך)—as Shamash (שמש) and Adad (אדד) had given EN.ME.DUR.AN.KI (ען-מה-דור-ען-קי)—“heavenly tablets.”


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