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BC AYN 2,600,696: 2nd/4 Yugas: Age of the Treta Yuga begins 1,296,000 years before the Age of the Dwapara Yuga in BC AYN 1,304,697.

Stone Age

1st/4 archetype prehistoric Ages: the Stone Age[1] (אבנא) begins with the 1st/2 original Stone Ages called the Paleolithic[2] (the other being Neolithic);[3] Greek: παλαιος: palaios; “old;” and λιθος: lithos; “stone” for “old age of the stone.” Prehistoric is a term often used to describe the period before written history. Prehistoric Stone Age is distinguished by the development of the first stone tools. The further sub-divisions of the Paleolithic:

Lower Paleolithic

Lower Paleolithic covers the time of BC AYN 2,600,696 - BC AYN 296,697 and is represented by LeiGua (雷卦), see PI-9.3.3.[4]

Middle Paleolithic

Middle Paleolithic covers the time of BC AYN 296,696 - BC AYN 37,497 and is represented by ShuiGua (水卦), see PI-9.3.1.[4]

Upper Paleolithic

Upper Paleolithic covers the time of BC AYN 37,496BC AYN 11,357 and is represented by ShanGua (山卦), see PI-9.3.7.[4] Mesolithic[5] Age or “Middle Stone Age,” see BC AYN 11,356.

Homo Habilis

2nd/4 archetype species of genus Homo: early Homo habilis begins during the Age of the Treta Yuga.


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