BC AYN 3,801,472,696

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Annual Report:

Archean Age

3rd/7 (Daleth: דּ) Biblical Day-Age Periods; the "Period of the Archean Age" along with the 3rd/7 Ages of Earth’s[1] geological time-line the Archean Eon (הון; riches)[2] covering the period of time of BC AYN 3,801,472,696 through BC AYN 2,467,592,697 begins with the 1st/4 Archean Eon Eras of the “Eoarchean” Era with simple single-celled life such as bacteria (בכתריא) and archaea along with the oldest probable microfossils.

Svarocisa Manu

208,360,001st/306,720,000 years of the period interval of Svarocisa Manu (שב-רכשה) begins the 2nd/14 Manus or Manvantara of the last night of Brahma; "naimittika pralaya."


1st/4,320,000 years of the 50th/71 Chaturyugas (כתור-יוגא) or Mahayugas of Svarocisa Manu (כתור-יוגא) which is sub-divided into 71 Chaturyugas of 4,320,000 years each.


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  2. Ezekiel 27:12

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