BC AYN 3,801,472,697

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Annual Report beginning:

Aqueous Age

2nd/7 (Gimel: גּ) Biblical Day-Age Periods; “the Period of the Aqueous Age” along with the 2nd/7 Ages of Earth’s[1] geological time-line in which the earth obtains an atmosphere [2](windfall; רכש), climate and oceans, covering the period of time of BC AYN 4,009,832,697 through BC AYN 3,801,472,697 ends.

Svarocisa Manu

208,360,000th/306,720,000 years of the period interval of Svarocisa Manu (שב-רכשה) continues the 2nd/14 Manus or Manvantara of the last night of Brahma; "naimittika pralaya."


4,320,000th/4,320,000 years of the 49th/71 Chaturyugas (כתור-יוגא) or Mahayugas of Svarocisa Manu (כתור-יוגא) which is sub-divided into 71 Chaturyugas of 4,320,000 years each concluding the Aqueous Age.

Hadean Eon

1st/4 eons; Hadean (Hades: Αδες) Eon (הון; riches) ends.


Annual Reports
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BC AYN 4,009,832,696 BC AYN 3,801,472,697 BC AYN 3,801,472,696


  1. Genesis 1:1
  2. Genesis 14:11; goods, substance, riches Hebrew Strong's #7399

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