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Annual Report, [445,000 BCE]

Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim

4th/4 Yugas: the Age of Kali Yuga is the beginning of the actual historical Age of Kali or Kali Yuga also known as a Charana (; “doctrine:” こうろん, כרן; “lyre”) commencing a 432,000 year period: 7200 Sexagenary cycles (LiuShi HuaJia: ) concluding in BC AYN 8697. Using the precise mathematical periods of Kali Yugas is the most accurate method to calibrate the prehistory of the species of mankind Biblically termed The Adam (האדם), see BC AYN 3959.

1st/120 shar year orbital periods of the Period of Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim begins.

Enki Toiling Mines

Toiling in the Mines

1st/40[1] shar (שרות) year orbital periods (מא) in the 1st/3 sub-periods of the Period of the Age of Kali Yuga of the Period of Toiling in the Mines.

Archaic Homo Sapiens

4th/4 archetype species of genus Homo: archaic Homo sapiens flourishes during the Age of the Kali Yuga.

Age of Pisces

1st/2160 years of the mathematical Astrological Age of Pisces of celestial time is the beginning of the 17th Great Year before BC AYN 57.

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

1st/60 years; JiaZi () of the -7300th Chinese sexagenary cycles (LiuShi HuaJia: ) begins.

First Group Led by Enki

Led by Enki[2] (ענקי), a son of An (ען); Akkadian: Anu [3](ענו) and his concubine Id [4](עד), the first group or first 50 of Anunnaki lands on earth and establish Eridu (הרדו): E.RI.DU; “house in the faraway built.”[2]

EN.KI (ענקי) in Hebrew means “my neck” or chain (as pertains to the neck) and is referred to as being of the Anakim (ענקים) the Anglicized plural form of Enki (ענקי).

Anunnaki (יקים אנון) is variously written as “a-nuna,” “a-nuna-ke-ne,” or “a-nun-na all of which are the Hebrew sound cognate of the two Hebrew root-stems parsed of: ANUN (-אנונ); “these or those” or “50 will” and the past tense form of KYM (קים) of YKYM (יקים); “was up” the past form of AKYM (אקים); “I will establish” for a composed semantic meaning of “I will establish these” ANUN-YKYM (אנון יקים) that “was up” as the Hebrew transliteration of the Sumerian term Anunnaki. The Hebrew composed term ANUN-YKYM (יקים אנון) as a transliteration with both root-stems in the same verse of Daniel 2:44 cognately in both sound and meaning of the Sumerian term Anunnaki. The Hebrew root-stem KIM is parsed of the Hebrew suffix Mem Soffit (ם): M; “them” and KI; Sumerian: “earth.”

Enki according to Numbers 13:33 came of the giants (הנפילים) which were first reported in Genesis 6:4 and Anglicized in Hebrew as Nephelim (הנפלים), which further states “there where giants in the earth in those [giant] days.” Those [giant] days being the referent to the previous verse of Genesis 6:3 which refers to man (באדם) and “his days” being a 120 years (שנה) co-existing simultaneously with the (120) giant days; “shar periods.”

Enki establishes the 1st/7 earth Stations and the 1st/5 settlements or cities for extracting gold (זהב) out of the waters of the Persian Gulf near the Arabian Sea and like Morpheus was transformed into Nudimmud (עמד-נוד), the leader.

Eridu (הרידו) was founded by NU.DIM.MUD (עמד-נוד); he who made things aka Enki (ענקי): EN.KI; lord [of] earth, whom the settlement (1st/7) was a gift and his house’s name was E.AB.ZU (ה-אב-זו, ); “house of the deep,” and was in the sacred precinct of Eridu (הרידו) and was the temple of Enki (ענקי).

The Sumerian Eridu (הרידו) was the southernmost of an organization of Sumerian cities that grew about temples (זכורות), almost in sight of each other, similar to the line of site of the Stonehenge complexes.


1st/10 pre-dynastic kings of the Sumerian King List Alulim [5](אלולים): A.LU.LIM; sheep of the glittering (זהרו) waters (ים) an epithet of Enki (ענקי), begins kingship (Nam Lu-Gal) in the 1st/7 earth stations of Eridug (הרידך); Eridu (הרידו), the 1st/5 earth settlements that are called “deluge tablets cities,” reigned for 10 shar orbital periods (3600 years each equaling 36,000 Years earth years total): 1st-10th/120 shar total in the in the Age of Kali Yuga.

A.LU.LIM (אלולים); "nothingness'" is the source and the place of occurrence of Yesh Me-ayin (יש מאין); “something out of nothing” and/or Creatio Ex-nihilo; "creation out of nothing," the zero beginning.

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