Day-period of the Archean Eon Age

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3rd Biblical Day-periods of the Archean Eon Age

17th/21 Periods of the Cosmos, the 3rd/7 Period of Released Creation is the Biblical Day-period of the Archean Eon Age covering the period of time of BC AYN 3,801,472,696 through BC AYN 2,467,592,697.

BC AYN 3,801,472,696: 50th/71 Chaturyugas (כתור-יוגא) of Svarocisa Manu (שב-רכשה מענו) begins.

9th/12 simple or elemental (פשוטות) letters[1] (ספרים) of Qoph (ק) symbolizes the Biblical Day-period of the Archean Eon Age coinciding with the 1st/4 eras of the Archean Eon; the “Eoarchean” Era beginning with simple single-celled life such as bacteria (בכתריא) and archaea along with the oldest probable microfossils.

BC AYN 3,784,880,635: QNL 17 begins Day 6 “Heaven 11/13 Hablatuns” in the Cellular Underworld of 1.26 billion years.

QNL 17 JianXi () 11/128 Asset Classes is assigned with the evolutionary precedential attributes of prokaryote [2](פרו-קריות); Hebrew semantic meaning of (minute macroorganismic) “fruitful cities” of singles cells (3.8 GYA), including the 2 domains of bacteria and Archeae. The prokaryotes are a group of organisms that lack a cell nucleus (karyon), or any other membrane-bound organelles and are mostly unicellular and the identifier ASCII decimal 53/64 in the FuXi () sequence.

17th/21 Day-periods of the Period of the Cosmos in Mayanism is transliterated as the 20th/20 trecenas with the 1st/13 prime predominant of Lamat/Tochtli beginning with the 249th/260 count of days, with the ruling energy deity over the entire trecena of Xiuhtecuhtli; "fire lord," occurring during the 4th/4 worlds of the Mayan and the 5th/5 suns of the Aztec.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [3](אר-כנע) Tarot (טרות) that corresponds the 3rd Day-period of the Archean Eon Age is Heirophant symbolized by the Roman numeral V.


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  1. Sepher Yetzirah Chapter 5 verse 1
  2. Hebrew semantic meaning: “fruitful” Genesis 1:28, and “cities” Genesis 23:2
  3. Shine or light Psalms 119:135 Hebrew Strong's #215 and Humble, subdue or lowly Leviticus 26:41 Hebrew Strong's #3665

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