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5th/6 providential periods of the 210 years of the Period of Jewish Captivity and Return on the 5th/8 levels; the national level extent, scope or context of providential history is sub-divided into 2 periods, the 1st/2 is:

Jewish Captivity

The Period of Jewish Captivity covers the 70 year period of time of BC AYN 608 through BC AYN 539.

70 Year International Bankruptcy Cycle

The modern result and version of the 70 year Period of Jewish Captivity is the 70 year international bankruptcy cycles in the UNITED STATES as follows:

1st/4 Bankruptcies

  • AD 1789: with the establishment of the national government through AD 1858,
    • AD 1789: The Constitution of the UNITED STATES empowers Congress to enact uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcy.[1] under the Anglo rules of Bankruptcy says that a nation can go into bankruptcy for a period of 70 years. With the creation of the Constitution, there was a filing of bankruptcy,[2] September 17 (45 days trust period before the 2nd Tuesday in November of election day) for 1.6 million Franks borrowed from the French in AD 1775, the same year England appointed Benjamin Franklin as postmaster general July 26,
      • Rothchilds through the Bank of England purchased the original 1.6 million Franks (3 million dollars) loan of US for war that originated in AD 1775.[3]
    • AD 1800: the first bankruptcy law is enacted as the law allows only for involuntary bankruptcy of traders.[1]

2nd/4 Bankruptcies

3rd/4 Bankruptcies

  • AD 1929: with the collateralization of the people, gold, and lodial title through AD 1998.

4th/4 Bankruptcies


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