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(Contemporary Providential Periods)
(Image Time-identity Hexachord)
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;Period of Restoration
;Period of Restoration
====[[Image Time-identity Hexachord]]====
====[[For The Visual-Time-identity-Hexachord]]====
* [[Period of Slavery in Egypt]] ([[BC AYN 1928]]—[[BC AYN 1529]]),
* [[Period of Slavery in Egypt]] ([[BC AYN 1928]]—[[BC AYN 1529]]),

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Periodical Fixating Frames

Welcome to the Annual Periods portal. This is the place to find what is happening on WikiSyphers concerning any and every annual period in eternity in the past, present or future, as the annual periods subsume the Annual Reports.

For the Cosmos-Period of the Natural History

Period of Restrained Quantum Gravity

Period of the Next Lease Thermodynamics

Period of Released Creation

Sumerian Pre-history

Period of Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim

Period of Sumerian Species Generations


Egyptian Time-identity

1st Dynasty of Egyptian Nephilim

Period of Egyptian Symbolic Time-identity

2nd Dynasty of Egyptian Nephilim

Period of Egyptian Image Time-identity

3rd Dynasty of Egyptian Demi-Nephilim

Period of Egyptian Substantial Time-identity

  • Period of the Child Travelers.
  • Pillars of Shu-Xiang.

Thing Courses

800 Adamic Years

40 Gradation-days Courses


Abram's Pre-screen for Jacob

For The Historical-Time-identity-Hexachords

Period of the Foundation of Storage

Symbolic Time-identity Hexachord (BC AYN 3958BC AYN 1723)

Colonial Course

Period of Restoration

For The Visual-Time-identity-Hexachord

Period of the Prolongation of Restoration

For The Substantial-Time-identity-Hexachord

Contemporary Providential Periods


Mayan Dual Time-identity