Joshua’s Spying the Land

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40 Period (Days) Course of Joshua's Spying the Land

BC AYN 1459, 9 February (GongLi ) 12-28 Adar (אדר, YinLi ):

1st/40[1] days course after the completion of the 120 year Period of the Reoccupation of Canaan is the providential period of Joshua’s Spying the Land by Joshua’s men paralleling the course of the providential Period of Spying and Surveying the Coasts by Noah in BC AYN 2303 and reprogramming and restoring the failure of Moseh's (משה) spies in the course of the 40 day providential Period of Joshua's Searching and Spying in BC AYN 1498 as precursors for Joshua the son of Nun; Moseh's Minister [2](משרת), who sent out of Shittim (שטים) two men (אנוש) to spy secretly [3](רגלים חרש), saying; go view the land, even Jericho and the spies went and came into a harlot’s house, named Rahab (רחב), and lodged there. Set (שט) is another English spelling of the Hebrew [4] root-stem of Shittim (שטים), in mathematics called a family.

20 March (GongLi ): 2-8 Aiyar (אייר):

40th/40[5] days ends when the 2 men (אנוש) returned, and descended the mountain, and passed over, and came to Joshua (יהושע) the son of Nun, and told him all things that befell them.

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