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Welcome to WikiSyphers,
The new paradigm in information acquisition and origination and the authority in dating absolute chronology in history,

where the purpose of the universe is to generate life and the purpose of life and language is enlightenment.


WikiSyphers is based on the Universal Syphers™, an original and dynamic platform for understanding systems (group dynamics) both in the theoretical and the practical form based on existent and historical systems hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions of years old with a potential to make future observations possible. The Universal Syphers™ platform (context) grants freedoms to allow peers (user-stakeholders) to add value (content), facilitating interaction and value exchange through the Hebrew Alphabet Path-Interval Interconnections channels. Peers perform exchanges and transactions. The text coupled with the presentations makes possible a scalable method of learning and recognition called in the Universal Syphers™ halonomics writing,[1] coupling Cartesian coordination with knowledge and understanding temporally through parallel time analysis and allowing for collating concepts formerly seemingly unrelated correlatively through common topological parallel spatial analysis. Universal Syphers™ applications and illustrations are the first form for writing of the ages, contextual writing and illustrations specifically for the precessional astrological age whose content is the subject matter. Halonomics writing coupled with Cartesian coordination allows for visual thinking which changes the way people communicate.[2] Universal Syphers™ through WikiSyphers is the worlds foremost leading authority on the original true tarot (טרות) according to the Period of the 1st Object 77 formula.
TaiXuanZhun YiGuaMingTu and TianFuJing

According to Mictlan's Nine Underworlds or JiuTian 9 () heavens of TianFuJing (); "Heaven's Code" utilized with the TaiXuanZhun YiGuaMing (); the "great black standard guidelines of changes fortunes names, titles and positions diagram" is the annual fixed Planetary Underworld and the 3rd/3 directions TianYuanFangSan (); the "heavenly principal direction or guidance three" of 60° through 99° of a compass circle, a total of 40° or 40.582 Gregorian calendar days of February 20-March 31, the temporal direction of the 3rd/9 TianZhou (תענ-חו, , 천주, כענ-חו) heavenly states or provinces of WuJiTianZhou (וע-גי-תענ-חו, , 무기천주, מע-גי-כענ-חו); "spear-line body heavenly [3]town-city/state," and the current member (המים) heaven (שמים) three.

3rd/9 heavenly states JiuTianZhou () is WuJiTianZhou (); the "spear-line body heavenly [3]town-city/state" having 3 Bu () departments of state, of which the 1st/3 is HaoXiuBu (宿); "empty hollow (vacancy) or gutters” in Home-Room 510 termed Hao-Zain (-ﺯ) in the Aquarian age Celestial Caliphate mansion departments encompassing 3 sub-departments or tri-plex of family households of:

  • 19th/81 Shou (, שוע): CongJia (, 종가); the "compliance family," covering the period of time of February 20-24, analogously located on the solar system's protoplanetary accretion disk track 3 sector 1, also called the 79th streaming story (שטורים).
  • 20th/81 Shou (): JinJia (, 진가); the "advancing family," covering the period of time of February 25-28/29, analogously located on the solar system's protoplanetary accretion disk track 3 sector 2, also called the 78th streaming story (שטורים).
  • 21st/81 Shou (): ShiJia (סי-גיא, , 석가, סך-גא); the "release family," covering the period of time of March 1-5, analogously located on the solar system's protoplanetary accretion disk track 3 sector 3, also called the 77th streaming story (שטורים).
    • ShiJia (); the release family is also considered the elucidator or interpreter family, for example and in the sense of "each man according to his interpretation" (כפתרון) according to Genesis 40:5.
    • ShiJia () the release family is also considered the freedom or liberty family, for example and when in the Planetary Underworld of DiQiu () the earth globe or sphere is ShiJia (, 석가, סך-גא) the Liberty Global family, an international telecommunications and television company formed in 2005 by the merger of the international arm of Liberty Media and UGC (UnitedGlobalCom), and now is the largest broadband provider outside of the United States.

24th/28 manazil Arabic lunar mansions that corresponds to Hao-Zain (-ﺯ) is the manzil (מנזל) of Saad Al Saud (Saadalsud, סד אל סוד); the "secret of secrets," "nurse of nurses," "head nurse" or "midwife" which is in and associated with the 10th/12 Anwaa (אנוע), the 3rd/3 in the nawaa (נוע) of The Three Saads (סדות; "secrets," "foundations" or "institutions") covering the period of time of February 6-18 synchronized with the 13 day Trecena beginning 1 Caban of the Tzolkin calendar and with the Chinese mansion of HaoXiu (宿) .

3rd/14 mansion generations [4](מדורות רבים) after "David until the carrying into Babylon" of HaoXiu (宿) is attributed to the divided kingdom of Israel's southern kingdom of Judah's resident King Abijam[5] (אבים) with all analogous to the 3rd/14 orbital shells in the inner transition elements Lanthanide series in f-block of Praseodymium Pr 59 in sub-shell 4f3/14 top electron configuration. The reign of Abijam (אבים) occurred during BC AYN 991 through BC AYN 989.

4th/7 XuanWu () "black tortoise's or military officers" mansions or houses represents the 4th/7 seals: the pale horse with death and hell following, the 1st/4 knights.

4th/7 XuanWu () "black tortoise's or military officers" mansions according to Genesis 7:2 is occupied with the 4th/7 female (אשת; "wife") clean (טהרה) beasts (הבהמה) of the pure land.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [6](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that is attributed to Zayin (ז) is The Chariot symbolized by the Roman numeral VII.

To access the tree of life, orientate to the Temple of the Fire Serpent or the Mayan World of Fire-rain, the Earthly month of JianWeiYue (); the "build not-yet month" during 196°-220° earthly degrees roughly equating to 07.09-08.06, CE 2016 and the Mayan New Quantum Numeral Baktun (NQNB) beginning the 20-day Haab of Xul during the Tzolkin Round 65th/260 Tzolkin-I Ching: 3 Kan-Young Yin.

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports in WikiSyphers is the place to discover what is happening within the WikiSyphers concerning any and every annual year in eternity in the past, present or future. If history is the history of writing then WikiSyphers which uses the absolute Verified Time-line AnnualsAbsolute Chronology, the most accurate source for all absolute chronology dating including since the beginning of written history beginning around the Adamic times roughly 6000 years ago to the present. Previous to written history is the historical evidence of annual reports through the Period of the Cosmos.

Discover what is the actual year of the birth of the Biblical Adam? see BC AYN 3959. Discover what is the actual year of the birth of the Biblical Jesus? see BC AYN 5 or discover what is the actual beginning of the reign of the legendary Chinese Emperor ShenNong: (), see BC AYN 2696. Is there a God in Human History? Discover when the actual final year of the Trojan war occurred, see BC AYN 1212.

Universal Syphers Titles

First Tablet

The 10 enumerations of the first through the tenth called sepheroth historically are spread in a schematic type or tree diagram superstructure in two basic architectural structures with various formats all constructing the grand cosmic puzzle or superpuzzle. Each folder contains various Universal Syphers Titles based on the sepherotic superstructure of 10 enumerations of Emanations.

Second Tablet

TaiXuanZhunYiGuaMingTu (-) and Precession


Universal Syphers™ Articles

24 Watcher Chiefs, Asset Classes of Creation, Celestial Caliphate, Four Knights, Halonomics, HwanUng's Galactic Haab Cloud, I Ching's Four Worlds of 260 Tzolkin, SanHuang WuDi, The New Truth Mosaic, The Tao of Biblical Qabalah, Verified Time-line Annuals

General Articles

36 Decans, 70 Weeks Daniel 9, Asian Four Directional Positions, Absolute Chronology, God in Human History, Mayan Age of Transformation, Mayan Underworld Terraces, Mictlan's Nine Underworlds, Minor Arcana Underworld, Period of the Cosmos, Standard Guideline Series, The Plan of Salvation.



Hebrew Alphabet Path-Interval Interconnections

See Also

2nd/9 Heavenly States 1st/3 Houses HR-207


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