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1st Period of the Planck Epoch

8th/21 Periods of the Cosmos, the 1st/7 Period of Released Thermodynamics is the Period of the Planck Epoch covering the period of time of Less than or equal to 10-43 seconds After The Bang (ATB).

1st/12 simple or elemental (פשוטות) letters[1] (ספרים) of Heth (ח) symbolizes the thermodynamic historical period of the Period of the Planck Epoch of up to 10-43 seconds after the Big Bang (ATB), the beginning of the measurable universe using the Planck scale.

A duration of 5.391 × 10−44 seconds is known as the Planck time as proposed by Max Planck. After this time, the force of gravity[2] separated out of the other 3 forces, collectively known as the electronuclear force or 3 non-gravitational forces. The electronuclear force is the (first) unification of the strong nuclear force and the electroweak force. This unification takes place at extremely high energies such as those thought to have existed above 10-43 seconds after the Big Bang.

The Planck epoch is exemplified by Genesis 1:2 which states: the earth (הארץ) was without form (תו; Taw, YinTu: ), and void[3] (בהו) and darkness (חשך) was upon the face of the deep (תהום; “them without form”).

The book or sepher (הספר) Zohar[4] (זהר) Chapter I page 89 states: “Tohu [5](תהו) was thus in a state of chaos or entropy in which the world existed” for a certain period of time to indicate the primeval state of the earth at that time[6] while Bohu[7] (בהו: BaoHu​. 保護; “to protect, defend, safeguard), on the contrary, was that part or portion [8](מחלקות) of the earth that became purified breath of the next Period of the Grand Unification Epoch.

8th/21 Day-periods of the Period of the Cosmos in Mayanism is transliterated as the 11th/20 trecenas with the 1st/13 prime predominant of Chuen/Ozomahtli beginning with the 132nd/260 count of days, with the ruling energy deity over the entire trecena of Patecatl occurring during the 3rd/4 worlds of the Mayan and the 3rd/5 suns of the Aztec.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [9](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that corresponds to is the 1st Period of the Planck Epoch is Strength symbolized by the Roman numeral VIII.


Period of Released Thermodynamics
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