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Annual Report (AR) beginning 1 January (GongLi ); Gregorian calendar.

Ab Urbe Condita

754 AUC the year-numbering system “from the founding of the city” (Rome) is equivalent and replaced by AD 1; "Anno Domini" (the year of our Lord).

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

58th/60 years; ShenYou () of the 44th Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () begins:

10 February (GongLi): 1-1 Nisan[1] (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight[2] (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi ():

1st/19[3] Golden numeral years of the 198th Metonic cycle, a leap year according to the Arbaah Shaarim[4] (ארבעה שערים).

3rd 800 Adamic Years

1st/800 years of the Period of the 3rd 800 Adamic Years in the Age of Substantial Time-identity covering the years AD 1 - AD 800.

Persecution by the Roman Empire

1st/400 years of the 1st/6 historical periods of Substantial Time-identity on the worldwide or global level context or scope of the providential Period of Persecution by the Roman Empire covering the years AD 1 - AD 400.

National Course of John the Baptist

49th/120 years of the Period of the National Course of John the Baptist paralleling the national course of Moses in BC AYN 1531.

John Dwelling in the Wilderness

9th/40 years of the 2nd/3 40 year periods of the Period of John Dwelling in the Wilderness paralleling the 2nd/3 40 year periods of the Period of Moseh Dwelling in the Land of Median in BC AYN 1531.


17 April: 6th-7th year interval of the 38 plus (50/52 weeks) years of the life of Yeshua (ישוע).

7th/39 IroHa: Ri

7th/39 meaningful (Kun: ) unique kanji and hiragana characters of the Japanese poem IroHa of Ri (, the Japanese shorthand for );[5] “gain or profit,” refers to the Infancy Gospel of Thomas Chapter 12 verses 1-2 stating: “the young child Yeshua sowed also one corn (AD 1, Abib: אביב)[6] of wheat and he reaped it and threshed it and made thereof an hundred measures,” (the century of a 100 years beginning with AD 1 through AD 100).

Joseph Smith

The life span of Yeshua is comparable and parallel to the lifespan of Joseph Smith.

7th/39 years of the lifespan of Joseph (יוסף) Smith (שמעת) during AD 1812, in which JS contracted typhoid fever; complications required surgery on leg, West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Supreme Course of the Reign of Judges

92nd/120 years of the reign of the judges (BC AYN 90-AD 29) and the 601st year "from the time that Lehi left Jerusalem" in BC AYN 599 (600 BCE) according to Third Nephi chapter 1:4 in The Book of Mormon.

  • "And it came to pass that in the commencement of the ninety and second year, behold, the prophecies of the prophets began to be fulfilled more fully; for there began to be greater signs and greater miracles wrought among the people" (3 Nephi Ch. 1:4).
  • "And it came to pass that the words which came unto Nephi (from the Lord, not Samuel's) were fulfilled, according as they had been spoken; for behold, at the going down of the sun there was no darkness; and the people began to be astonished because there was no darkness when the night came (3 Nephi Ch. 1:15).
  • Many are converted, but the band of Gadianton robbers still thrive.

Anno Domini

The beginning of the Age of Anno Domini by Dionysius Exiguus; derived by his statement that the consulship of Probus Junior was 525 regnal years (in AD 525) since the birth of Yeshua (ישוע).


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  1. Nisan years used around Mesopotamia and the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Chinese lunar calendar
  2. See AD 29
  3. As per the formula BC AYN 3761=1/19 (3762 BCE: 1st Metonic cycle GNY 1/19) through AYN 0 (BCE 1: Metonic cycle 197 GNY 19/19) then 3762 + AD 1 = 3763/19: (Metonic cycle) 198 GNY 1/19
  4. Four Gates - for the four dechiyot; “postponements,” a rule delaying 1 Tishri until after the molad, see
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  6. [green] “ears” [of barley or corn] Hebrew Strong's #24; Exodus 9:31, Leviticus 2:14, Ezekiel 3:15 (תל אביב); Mound of the Flood Hebrew Strong's #8512

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