AD 1378

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Annual Report (AR) beginning 1 January (GongLi ); Gregorian calendar.

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

55th/60 years; WuWu () of the 67th Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () begins:

6 February (GongLi 公曆, Thursday[1]): 1-1 Nisan[2] (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight[3] (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi ():

Papal Captivity and Return

70th/210 (209) years of the 5th/6 historical periods of Substantial Time-identity on the worldwide or global extent, scope or context of the providential Period of the Papal Captivity and Return covering the period of time of AD 1309 through to AD 1517.

Papal Captivity

70th/70 years of the Period of Papal Captivity covering the 70 year period of time of AD 1309 through AD 1378 with the Avignon Papacy concludes with the death of the 7th/7 French born and last of the Avignon Popes Pope Gregory XI March 27th ending his papacy in Rome after having returned there 17 January, AD 1377.


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  1. The same day of the week both in the Julian Date and Chinese Lunar Dates to Gregorian
  2. Nisan years used around Mesopotamia and the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Chinese lunar calendar
  3. See AD 29

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