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Annual Report (AR) beginning:

QNB[1]; 12 Ajaw (איו, Ahaw) 13 Kankin according to the Mayan calendar:

1 January (GongLi , Gregorian calendar) Saturday.

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

28th/60 years; XinMao () of the 78th LiuShi HuaJia (); Chinese sexagenary cycles coinciding with:

16th/19[2] Golden numeral years of the 303rd Metonic cycle a common regular year before a leap year according to the Arbaah Shaarim[3] (ארבעה שערים) begins:

QNB; 6 Ben 6 Pax (פך) according to the Mayan calendar:

3 February (GongLi 公曆, Thursday[4]): 1-1 Nisan[5] (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight[6] (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi () and God’s Day[7] since moving to the ecclesiastical lunar New Year’s day in AD 2011 (previously January 1 Gregorian calendar).

  • AD 2011 is a Xin () year of the Chinese celestial 8th stem of hot, the 8 of Coins in the minor arcana (מנער אר-כנע) Tarot (טרות) sequence of 40 minors.
  • AD 2011 is also a Chen () year of the Chinese earthly branch of the rabbit, the Queen of Clubs in the face or court cards of the minor arcana (מנער אר-כנע) Tarot (טרות), both with possible purports including: the "hot rabbit."

Heavenly Calendar

Since AD 1968, Unificationists have celebrated the first day of the year as True God's Day based on the Gregorian Calendar, however, in AD 2011 for the first time Unificationists around the world celebrated this Holy Day centered on the heavenly (lunar) calendar (TianLi ) also called CheonGi (천기, ); the “heavenly foundation (years calendar),” which True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, began observing as the Unification Church’s sacred calendar in AD 2010, January.

Keeping And Releasing the Doves

The heavenly (lunar) calendar (TianLi ) also called CheonGi (천기, ); the “heavenly foundation (years calendar)” is originally based upon the beginning of the Chinese YinLi () lunar calendar or Hebrew ecclesiastical calendar lunar new year's first month of Nisan (ניסן, YinLi: ) in BC AYN 2302, the beginning of the Period of Keeping and Releasing the Doves when the Biblical Noah tested to know if he was going to land the Ark and is utilized by Unificationists begun in AD 2010 is the year 2 in AD 2011.

Courting Nisan's New Creation

The month Nisan (ניסן, YinLi) is accorded the 3rd/12 Earthly Branches YinZhi (), attributed the minor tarot card of the King of Wands having Hezron (חצרון); "our court," the first son of Perez in the genealogical lineage of Yeshua since Adam, is attested to by the last of Joshua’s battles of which any record exits during BC AYN 1459-BC AYN 1455 which was fought at Lake Merom [8](מרום) in the Hula valley of Israel with Jabin (I, יבין; Hebrew: “was between,” Iron age I & II, Jabin; Sumerian: Ibnu/Ibni; "create or created")[9] king of Hazor [10](חצור); "courting," which “before time was head of all those kingdoms”[11] and the Canaanites that dwell in the land of the valley that have chariots (רכב) of iron [12](ברזל), both they who are of Bethshean (בית שאן) and her towns (בנותיה), and they who are of the valley of Jezreel (יזרעאל), establishing the Biblical historical precedent and verifying Joshua's dealings with Jabin or Ibnu/Ibni; restored or re-created the 6 day period of creation or that which was "created" in the historical original month of Nisan (ניסן, YinLi), the 1st lunar month of the Chinese lunar calendar to this day.

CheonBok Festival

On January 8, AD 2010, Sun Myung Moon speaks about the CheonBok (): "heaven's fortune" festival six-day celebration period saying: “This period specifies the six-day period necessary for God’s creation of the heaven and earth and a period that completes the providence of next creation through which Cain and Abel have unity centering on the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the king of kings. A new beginning is wit making on the seventh day, after the six-day period.”

With these specifications, a “True Peace and Unity CheonBok Festival" is complete on the seventh-day after the Lunar New Year, starting from AD 2011, 3 February, the first day of the lunar new year, i.e. “True God's day,” until AD 2011, 8 February, the sixth day of the new year, the celebration of True Parents' Birthday, concluding with a new beginning on the seventh day AD 2011, 9 February, the first day of the 2nd/5 hexagrams () of Nisan.

Korean Nation Foundation

107th/120 years of the national course for the Period of the Korean Nation Foundation.

April-May: True Parents’ World Peace Tour 2011[13] of Reverend SunMyung Moon paralleling the 4th/4 journeys the Apostle Paul during the 107th/120 years in the Period of the National Course of John the Baptist in AD 59.

Unification Church Organizations

27th/40 years of the Period of Unification Church Organizations begun in AD 1985 and ending in CE 2024 paralleling the 40 year national image course of the Period of the Primitive Church of the Apostles of AD 33 through AD 72.

Heaven's Unified Nation

11th/12[14] years of the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity called in the native Korean tongue: Cheon Il Guk (천일국, ; TianYiGuo); literally: “heaven's unified nation.”

Heaven's Unified Nation Completion Stage

3rd/4 years of the completion stage of the TianYiGuo (, 천일국) the heaven's unified nation.

Marriage Ceremony

7 February, Monday: Marriage Ceremony of Moon ShinHwaNim, (daughter of Moon YeJinNim) and YongUng Alexander Kang Eldest son of Mr. YongKwon and Agnes Kang (1800 blessing group) in the CheonBokGung venue.


QNB; 13 Ajaw 8 Sak (סך: Sec):

October 28[15] (GongLi ) 13 Ajaw (איו; Yucatec: Ahau) in the tzolkin (צול-קין) count a so-called interpretation according to the inscriptions of Monument 6 in Tortuguero,[16] only some 50 kilometers west of Palenque, inscribed during the reign of Balam[17] Ajaw (בלעם ‏איו); “jaguar” (יגור; Lord)[18] who ruled 644 to 679 AD, about a thousand years after the Long Count was devised in Izapa as the Mayan long count calendar, the so-called since 3115 BCE (GongLi ) according to Carl Johan Calleman. This dating window for the baktun era is the result of those that as Jude 1:11 states: ran (jogged) greedily after the error of Balam for reward when Calleman used 3115[19] BCE (GongLi ) as a starting date resulting in 2011 AD as the concluding date, see BC AYN 3113, August 11 for the verified start of the current baktun specific era.

In The Mayan Factor Jose Arguelles concluded that each baktun date had acted as a milestone in the history and prehistory of Mesoamerica, as will the year 2012 A.D., in which the thirteen baktuns that begun in 3113 B.C. will be completed.[20] These 2 points along the line of the baktun era frame the period BC AYN 3113 through AD 2012, the 5125.362 Gregorian years or 5200 Tropical solar years being the grosser framework reference for the period. This dating framework is verified by Zechariah Sitchin in the Lost Realms chapter 11. Both Jose Arguelles and Zechariah Sitchin did not run greedily after error of Balam; they upstandingly maintained the original intent and conveyed the correct concept of Balam in this particular matter.


25th/60 Samvatsara; Sanskrit: years called Khara in the Hindu tradition based on the zodiac position of Jupiter (♃) which is taking a transit through the constellation of Pisces during AD 2011 through AD 2012.


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