BC AYN 13,724,648,696

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Annual Report:

Light and Anhydrous Age

1st/7 (Beth: בּ) Biblical Day-Age Periods; “the Light and Anhydrous Age” begins with the photon epoch[1] covering the time of 101 seconds or 10 seconds through 9.4608 x 1012 seconds or 300,000-380,000 years ATB and recombination (377,000 years ATB) and continuing through to BC AYN 4,567,976,696 beginning the Anhydrous Age with goes through to BC AYN 4,009,832,697.

Photon Epoch

The photon epoch is indicative of Genesis 1:3-1:4 where “Allahim (אלאהים) said, Let there be light: and there was light (אור); the beginning of the photon epoch. And Allahim saw (ירא) the light (האור); “the universe became transparent (recombination),” and divided (יבדל) the (photon) light (האור) out of the (matter) darkness” (החשך); the conclusion of the photon epoch.

Rudra Savarni Manu

864,000th/1,728,000 years of 1st/4 Yugas; the “Age of the Satya Yuga (סתיא-יוגא) of Rudra Savarni Manu, the 8th/14 Manus.


1st/4,320,000 years of the 37th/71 Chaturyugas (כתור-יוגא) or Mahayugas of Rudra Savarni Manu which is sub-divided into 71 Chaturyugas of 4,320,000 years each.


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  1. Observable Universe chronos time of popular scientific viewpoint begun in QNL 9

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