BC AYN 16,401,156,123

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Annual Report beginning:

Cellular Underworld

BC AYN 16,401,156,123: QNL [1], beginning the Mayan calendar in the Cellular Underworld using parallel kairos (קערות) time analysis as Day 1; “Heaven 1/13 Hablatuns” of a 1.26 billion year period, whose ruling deity (דעתי; concept) of fire and the year is Xiuhtecuhtli [2](סיוכ-תכחת-לי) with the Hebrew semantic meaning of “my appointed (time) container of correct (fire) power,” and the Mayan significant meaning of “turquoise or fire (Xiuh) lord (tecuhtli)” and for the Mayan symbolizes “sowing.”

Quantum Numeral Long 7

QNL 7 (Quantum Numeral Long without zeros), also functions as a zero[3] (ex nihilo) event marker used as a frame of reference for the beginning of a time-line sequence of events when in the equivalent form of QNL or QNL 0 (short form of the long notation) similar to a totem genealogically.

QNL 7 includes all creation[4] (בריאה), natural physical law processes and mathematics resulting in the evolution of creation of that which is not made by the hands of man, quantized and classified.

Asset Classes

QNL 7 through QNL comprises a 198 possible Asset Classes or periods using vigesimal or the 20 based numeral system[5] for the context of the entirety of cosmological evolution of creation since the big bang through biological evolution and mental (spiritual) evolution up to AD 2012, December 21. But since Mayan computing uses the last 13 heavens or periods of each underworld making the first 7/20 times each of the 10 underworlds totaling 70 periods of non-kairos (קערות) restrained or unclassified time periods, the resultant is a total of 128 kairos (קערות) time periods or classified periods, the exact equivalent of the 128 FuXi-MingCheng/KingWen (-/) XianTian (); “former heavens” with 64 LiuShiSiGua () and HouTian (); “later heavens” with 64 LiuShiSiGua divinations which use the binary 2 based numeral system as in computer language and in the Universal Syphers™ corresponds with the binary decimal numeral QNL 7.


0/128 FuXi-MingCheng/KingWen (-/) quantized numeral kairos (קערות) temporally discrete asset class or period of QianGua () significantly meaning “force or dry sky,” begins.

QNL 7 Asset Class 0/128

QNL 7 asset class of 0/128 QianGua ()[6] is assigned with the evolutionary precedential attributes of the big bang with the WMAP[7] flat universe, homogeneity, isotropy, cosmic inflation and flatness. QianGua () asset class is called in the Universal Syphers™ the homogeneous universe.[8]

If you start with this systemization the attributes also include the 1st/3 periods of the cosmos; the Period of Restrained Quantum Gravity,” and the 2nd/3 periods of the cosmos; the Period of Released Thermodynamics. The observable universe only exits in the visible galaxy formations of some 13.2 billion light years away[9] and the best available measurements as of 2009 AD suggest that the initial conditions occurred between 13.3 and 13.9 billion years ago in QNL 9’s asset class with DaYouGua () the great existent or the “the observable universe,” beginning in BC AYN 13,877,901,025.


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  1. The Purposeful Universe, page 195; Carl Johan Calleman (2009) Universal Syphers™ uses 7 representing the whole 20th division of the actual 20 periods available equating to Calleman’s QN 0. which represents 1st of the last 13/20 notation style
  2. Composed of command imperative (י); to cause to make (תסוך or אסוך) anoint(-ment Deuteronomy 28:40) flask or pot (2 Kings 4:2) and Ezekiel 5:15 (תכחת) “rebukes,” “reproofs” or (ת); she with Genesis 24:14 (כחת) appoints, proves, decides, judges, rebukes, reproves or corrects with power or strength (Numbers 14:17); with the Hebrew root koach (כח) and Genesis 4:25, 12:18 (לי); “me or self,” for a composed meaning of “my appointed (time) container of correct (fire) power”
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