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Annual Report (AR) beginning:

Isaac's Sacrifice in BC AYN 1901

January 1 (GongLi 公曆, 1902 BCE); "proleptic Gregorian calendar."

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

16th/60 years; JiMao () of the 13th Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () begins:

25 January (GongLi 公曆): 1-1 Nisan (ניסן, YinLi: ) is with preparation of the straight (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi ().


112th/175 years old Abraham (אברהם).

Royal Priesthood of Abraham

43rd/120 years in the period of the Period of the Royal Priesthood of Abraham.

Noah makes the symbolic offering of the ark himself (BC AYN 2303-BC AYN 2302), even though Noah is in the same position as Adam who can not make the sacrifice directly. This is because Noah stands upon the merit of Abel, already with proof of a faithful heart by successfully offering the symbolic offering (BC AYN 3860). When Abraham is with calling by God, Abraham stands on the merit of both Abel, successful in the symbolic offering at the formation stage, and Noah, successful in the symbolic offering at the growth stage. Upon these two foundations, Abraham is to make the symbolic offering at the completion stage. Specifically, even though Abraham without success in the first symbolic offering in BC AYN 1928, God can raise him up and give him another chance to make an offering of Isaac in BC AYN 1901 with basis on the cumulating merit of Abel’s and Noah’s faithful hearts.

Royal Priesthood of Isaac

3rd/40 years of the 2nd/3 40 year periods of the Period of the Royal Priesthood of Isaac as the mission of Abraham (אברהם) is passing to Isaac (יצחק), bequeathing the business mission of Abraham as the result of the successful offering[1] of his son Isaac in BC AYN 1901 with Isaac participating willingly.[2]

Offering of Isaac

12th/180: years old of Abraham’s legal heir Isaac (יצחק), paralleling when Yeshua is in the temple, in the midst of the doctors at 12 years old in AD 6 both symbolically paralleling the 12th generation since and including Adam in the Torah of Arpachshad (ארפ-כשד) whose name, the compound of Arp- (ארפ-); “doctor’s will,” “prognosis” or “prescription” and –chshad (-כשד); “augment.”

These precedents specify the parallel for Adam at 12 years old in BC AYN 3947 finishing Adam’s “early childhood” years and is coming to Adam’s “formative years” (13-24 years of age) beginning with going to the Jordan River for the 40 Days of Water Purification procedure in BC AYN 3947. “Professional life” is 25-60 years of age with pension time or national level or equivalence with the “presidency” 61+ years of age. Isaac at 12 years old when Isaac is the successful offering participating willingly[3] with Isaac's father as “Abraham lays the wood (העצים) in order (יערך) and binds Isaac Abraham's son and makes an offering (עלת) upon the altar of the wood.” As a consequence is Abraham, lifting up Abraham's eyes looking behind Abraham, a ram caught in a thicket, Abraham goes and takes the ram (האיל) and offers up the ram in the stead (תחת) of Abraham's son.

Aligning of Atzilut (אצילות) emanation, the 1st/Four Worlds specifies the order of the wood with the broader context of the FuXi LongXie ( ) with diagrams by the World of Wind or Seed, the MuXing () element of “wood or tree. Isaac's offering with the offering of the ram (איל) in place of the lad (נער) is signifying the beginning of the Arian Age.

This event is symbolically with a North American ploy at the place of the namesake of Woodhall Homeplace at the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, a Cherokee resting place on the Trail of Tears circa AD 1838.

12 years old is the average age of the first period of young girls with imaging in the Tarot by Hung Men-arche, Roman numeral XII.


19th/24: years of Ibbi-Sin the son of Shu-Sin since BC AYN 1919.

Image Time-identity

28th/400 years of the 1st/6 historical periods of Image Time-identity on the national level extent or scope of the providential Period of Slavery in Egypt.


19th/24: years of Ibbi-Sin the son of Shu-Sin since BC AYN 1919.


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