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Annual Report beginning:

January 1 (GongLi 公曆, 203,097 BCE) Gregorian calendar.


7th/10 Sumerian predynastic Nephelim of the Sumerian king list is EN.MEN.DUR.AN.NA[1] (ענ-מהן-דור-ען-נא) in the Period of Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim began in BC AYN 203,096 and ends in BC AYN 138,297 is in the 1st year in BC AYN 203,096 and reigned 18[2] shar: 64,800 years; the 67th-84th/120 shar orbital periods total in the Age of Kali Yuga, in the 5th/7 earth stations and the 4th/5 earth settlements or “deluge tablets” cities of Zimbir: Sippar (צפר); “sparrow” [3] or “bird”[4] city. The settlement of Sippar (צפר) was a gift to the hero Utu[5] (עטו).

Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim

File:Quaternary Glacial Cycles.PNG
Quaternary Glacial Cycles

1st/3600 years of the 67th/120 shar (שר) orbital periods of EN.MEN.DUR.AN.NA (ען-מהן-דור-ען-נא) also known as EN.ME.DUR.AN.NA[6] (ען-מה-דור-ען-נא).

2nd/7 Backward Glacial Indexes

Life on Earth regresses during a new glacial period. In the Timeline of glaciation in the land-based chronology of Quaternary glacial cycles this is the 2nd/7 backward glacial indexes, a glacial period called in the Alpine: Riss, N. American: Illinoian, N. European: Saale, Great Britain: Wolstonian or Gipping approximately 200,000-130,000 years BP during the Pleistocene Epoch roughly covering the 18 shar period of Enmenduranna and beginning the evolution of the History of Korea.


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