BC AYN 250,568,696

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5th/7 (Pe-dagesh: פּ) Day-periods of Utnapishtim's Creatures Time

BC AYN 250,568,696: the 291,384,000th/476,507,780 year of the 5th/7 (Pe-dagesh: פּ) period of the Period of Released Creation of the Day-period of Utnapishtim's Creatures Time Age which began in BC AYN 541,952,696.

2nd/3 Breastplates of Brimstone

2nd/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon mathematically is 58 Mahayugas before BC AYN 8696 and is the beginning of the Mesozoic [1](חויך) Era (הרא) as indicated by the 2nd/3[2] of "these 3"[3] breastplates (שרינותיהם), the 3rd/4 overall breastplates; of “brimstone” [4](גפרית) of Revelation 9:17 interpreted as the original Hebrew designation for the Paleozoic Era (הרא), the 1st/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon (BC AYN 541,952,696 through the present).

Brimstone (גפרית), a designation for hardwood used to make ships similar to Hymenaea (a candidate for the tree of knowledge) is the same Hebrew root-stem as gopher (גפר) in gopher-wood [5](עצי-גפר), constituents of the Noah’s ark.

3rd/4 Quarters of Chesvan (חשון)

2nd/3 breastplates of fire as the 8th/12 Hebrew lunar months literal meaning of Chesvan (, חשון): “breastplates” indicates, symbolically representative of the 3rd/4 quarters of the month and the Mesozoic Era covering the period of time since the beginning of the 2nd/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon, the Mesozoic Era in BC AYN 250,568,696 through to BC AYN 65,444,918 before the beginning of the Cenozoic Era in BC AYN 65,444,917, the 3rd/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon.

44th/81 Shou Families: ZaoJia (竈家)

3rd/4 quarters of Chesvan (חשון) symbolically represents the 44th/81 Shou (): ZaoJia (, 조가) families; the "stove family" of the 19th/27 Mansion departments ZuiXiu (宿); the "turtle beak mansion department."


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