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5th/7 (פּ: Pe-dagesh) Biblical Day-Age Periods: Utnapishtim's Creatures Time

5th/7 Biblical Day-Age Periods is the 5th Day-period of Utnapishtim's Creatures Time along with the 5th/7 Ages of Earth’s[1] geological time-line the Phanerozoic Eon (הון; riches)[2] covering the period of time of BC AYN 541,952,696 through BC AYN 65,444,918 begins.

BC AYN 541,952,696: (542 Ma +/- 1 Ma) the period of creature (נפש) life[3] (ζωη; חיה) begins with the Eon called Phanerozoic; Greek: “visible (φανερω, [4]פנו; “make appear”) and “life” (ζωη),” and the Cambrian[5] epoch (הפוך), covering the period of time through to the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event 65.5 Million years ago (Ma).

3rd/3 Breastplates of Brimstone and the Paleozoic Era

291,384,000th/291,384,000 years of the Paleozoic; “old” (παλαιος) and “life”(ζωη) for “ancient life,” Era (BC AYN 541,952,696 - BC AYN 250,568,696) is the breastplate (שרינותיהם) of “brimstone” [6](גפרית) of Revelation 9:17 interpretated as the original Hebrew designation for the Paleozoic Era (הרא), the 1st/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon (BC AYN 541,952,696 through the present).

Brimstone (גפרית), a designation for hardwood used to make ships similar to Hymenaea (a candidate for the tree of knowledge) is the same Hebrew root-stem as gopher (גפר) in gopher-wood [7](עצי-גפר), constituents of the Noah’s ark.

Noah's Ark and the Creatures Age

When the ancient Hebrews and/or Sumerians scribes wrote about Noah’s (נוח) and/or Utnapishtim’s [8](עת-נפשתים) ark (תבת/התבה) being constructed of gopher-wood (עצי-גפר) and filled with animals; “every living thing [9](החי) of all flesh” (בשר), the scribes were writing about the ark of the solar system of sol and the period of time taken to arrive to when the creatures began to exist.

5th/7 Biblical-day-periods

The Hebrew/Sumerian scribes were also including the concept of the fact that the 5th/7 Biblical Day-Age Periods; Time [10](עת) [of the] Creatures [11](נפשתם), which when using the metaphor of the week days (ימים) and selecting Thursday (יום, present tense) specific or the day of Jupiter in most popular cultures including western and eastern which is attributed with the color green in the eastern color theme and the element of wood in Chinese philosophy of the WuXing; the “five elements.” This gopher-wood (עצי-גפר) is the same as the Hebrew root-stem of brimstone (גפרית) in the brimstone breastplate.

This illustrates the fact that the level of the interpreter determines the level of the interpretation of any writing especially ancient writings in any culture and any historical era or period.

4th/4 Quarters of Chesvan (חשון)

3rd/3 of "these 3"[12] breastplates of brimstone (גפרית) as the 8th/12 Hebrew lunar months literal meaning of Chesvan (, חשון): “breastplates” indicates, symbolically represents the 4th/4 quarters of the month and the Paleozoic Era covering the period of time since the beginning of the 1st/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon, the Paleozoic Era beginning in BC AYN 541,952,696 and continuing through to BC AYN 250,568,697 before the beginning of the Mesozoic Era in BC AYN 250,568,696, the 2nd/3 sub-divisions of the Phanerozoic Eon.

45th/81 Shou Families: DaJia (大家)

4th/4 quarters of Chesvan (חשון) symbolically represents the 45th/81 Shou () families: DaJia (, 대가); the "great family" of the 19th/27 Mansion departments ZuiXiu (宿); the "turtle beak mansion department."


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