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Annual Report (AR) beginning:

January 1 (GongLi 公曆, 2637 BCE) Gregorian calendar.

Chinese Sexagenary Cycle

LiuShi HuaJia (); "6(x)10(=60) blossoms or fancy pattern of shells" is constructed of the GanZhi () cyclic numeral system of 60 combinations of the two basic cycles, the 10 Heavenly Stems (; TianGan) and the 12 earthly branches (; DiZhi) similar to the Sumerian sexagesimal base-sixty numeral system with 60 as the base. Sexagesimal is also used in measuring angles, geographic coordinates and time. The official LiuShi HuaJia () Chinese sexagenary cycles begin in BC AYN 2636 with the 1st/78 cycles, so BC AYN 2696 begins the Chinese sexagenary cycle designated 0 and all previous cycles are designated with a minus sign before the number of the cycle. Likewise the JiaZi () sequence notation in the Universal Syphers™ and WikiSyphers begins using 0:00 for the 0 sexagenary period of BC AYN 2696-BC AYN 2637: 00-59, while others may use 1:00.

Ecclesiastical Lunar New Year

1♦ Coins or Disks
Queen ♥ Cups

1st/60 years; JiaZi () of the Chinese sexagenary cycles LiuShi HuaJia () 1 begins:

15 February (GongLi 公曆): 1-1 Nisan (ניסן, YinLi: ) is the prepared straight (: Zheng) 1st day ZhengYi (正) of the 1st lunar month ZhengYue (正) 1-1 of the Chinese lunar year YinLi ().

  • BC AYN 2636 is a Jia () year of the Chinese celestial 1st stem of shell, the ace or 1 of Coins in the minor arcana (מנער אר-כנע) Tarot (טרות).
  • BC AYN 2636 is also a Zi () year of the Chinese earthly branch of the child, the Queen of Cups in the face or court cards of the minor arcana (מנער אר-כנע) Tarot (טרות).
    • BC AYN 2636[1] is the JiaZi () sequence 1:00, the Chinese year 61, the GanZhi () stem-branch of 01-01 with possible purports including: the "shell of the child" or umbrella.


267th/950[2] years of Noah (נוח) since BC AYN 2902 and another 323 years before the Biblical Deluge begins in BC AYN 2303.

HuangDi (黄帝); "Yellow Emperor"

20th-21st/100 years of the Yellow Emperor: HuangDi () born in BC AYN 2656 who is often credited with inventing the Chinese sexagenary cycles, which are similar to the Sumerian sexagesimal divisions of 60, by dividing time into 60-year cycles.


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  1. According to Herbert A. Giles, A Chinese-English Dictionary (1912), and all other Western authors during the late Qing dynasty use this date. Since the Universal Syphers™ uses astrological dates that include the year “0” this date is BC AYN 2636 instead of the traditional 2637 BC
  2. Genesis 5:32

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