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Annual Report beginning:

January 1 (GongLi 公曆, 70,737 BCE, proleptic Gregorian calendar.


1st/65x60[1] years each: 1st/3900 years begins the Age of the Sumerian species of HaHanoch (החנוך) or “the Enoch;” the instructor, and mathematically continues through BC AYN 66,837 which is the 65th/65x60 years and the 3900th/3900 years which ends the Age of the Sumerian species HaHanoch (החנוך).

EN.MEN.DUR.AN.NA and HaHanoch

Similar and parallel to the Sumerian EN.MEN.DUR.AN.NA (ען-מהן-דור-ען-נא) also known as EN.ME.DUR.AN.NA[2] (ען-מה-דור-ען-נא) who reigned BC AYN 203,096 through BC AYN 138,297 during the Period of Sumerian Predynastic Nephelim and who became high Priest and established the institution of priesthood and was renamed EN.ME.DUR.AN.KI (ען-מה-דור-ען-קי) after 6/18 3600 year Shar (שר) periods in BC AYN 181,496, so too the Sumerian species HaHanoch (החנוך) of the Period of Sumerian Species Generations, the predecessor in species of the individual Hebrew (Biblical) Enoch of the Period of Adam's Individual Generations after 65/365 years walked with Hallahim [3](האלהים) and “by faith Enoch (חנוך) was translated that he should not see death and was found not, because Hallahim (האלהים) had translated him.”[4] So too this is the testimony of that which occurred during the same parallel period of the Sumerian species HaHanoch (החנוך) during BC AYN 70,736 through BC AYN 66,837 (65X60=3900 years) in which “Enoch; "HaHanoch" pleased Hallahim.[5]

An entity of the period enlightened the Homo Sapiens; Sumerian species H’Enos (האנוש), one of two surviving species after the Toba catastrophe of BC AYN 73,496 according to Stanley Ambrose[6] brought about the first real true genuine actual Homo Sapiens Sapiens and the beginning of the story of the first era of Korean or Asian history which is called MaGo (, מגע) in BC AYN 67,057. So called “modern humans” are defined as the Homo sapiens[7] species, of which the only extant subspecies is known as Homo sapiens sapiens.


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