BC AYN 786,450

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Homo Antecessor: Adapa

BC AYN 786,450: the budding of the species of genus Homo: Homo antecessor[1] is the individual lineage with the progenitor is Adapa (אד-עפה) specific to the Sumerian tradition, like the biblical individual Adam begins a lineage.

Adapa (אד-עפה) meaning in Hebrew of "mist flying [2](עפה) or mist bird" [3](עוף) is consistent with Quetzalcoatl (כצל-כעתל), a flying bird creature up (עף) in the Human Underworld and the 8th/10 Path-items of the Captains of the Forces.

The planetary celestial counterpart for ZhenGua () is MuXing (); "Jupiter" is with dominion over the fowl of the air.[4] with specifics in of the Period of Adam's Individual Generations/9 and of Adam's Growth Period.


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