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Wikisyphers is a forum for the modern age. Many topics in the current age require elucidating. Foremost is the waning of modern Christianity. The answers are very simple and obvious. For 2000 years just like the Piscean Age Christianity waxed strong. But now just as the faith of Christianity replaced the law of Judaism and the Arian Age which ruled for 2000 years previously, so too Christianity's closure is followed by unification and the Aquarian Age. Within the concept of unification are the precepts and concepts as reported by the Divine Principle purported to fulfill the incomplete and waning concepts of Christianity and the communist world with it's unfulfilled materialistic view.

Wikisyphers offers a place for new age concepts and the Universal Syphers™ to merge with Unificationism.

Ever since the conclusion of the world wars Christianity has waned. What was the purpose for the world wars?

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