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2nd/9 Heavenly States 1st/3 Houses HR-507

TaiXuanZhun YiGuaMingTu and TianFuJing

According to Mictlan's Nine Underworlds or JiuTian 9 () heavens of TianFuJing (); "Heaven's Code" utilized with the TaiXuanZhun YiGuaMing (); the "great black standard guidelines of changes fortunes names, titles and positions diagram" is the annual fixed Galactic Underworld and the 2nd/3 directions TianYuanFangEr (); the "heavenly principal direction or guidance two" of 20° through 59° of a compass circle, a total of 40° or 40.582 Gregorian calendar days of January 10-February 19, the temporal direction of the 2nd/9 TianZhou (תענ-חו, , 천주, כענ-חו) heavenly states or provinces of Yi (יע) or NieTianZhou (ניע-תענ-חו, , 천주, יע-כענ-חו); "bird or aves heavenly [1]town-city/state," and the current member (המים) heaven (שמים) two.

2nd/9 heavenly states JiuTianZhou () is NieTianZhou (); the "bird or aves heavenly [1]town-city/state" having 3 Bu () departments of state, of which the 1st/3 is JiXiuBu (宿); "winnow basket" (pass through account) or “sieve” (Kh Caph Sophit.png) in Home-Room 507 termed Ji-Khah (-ﺥ) in the Aquarian age Celestial Caliphate mansion departments encompassing 3 sub-departments or tri-plex of family households of:

20th/28 manazil Arabic lunar mansions that corresponds to Ji-Khah (-ﺥ) is the manzil (מנזל) of Al Naam (Ascella and Nunki) which is in and associated with the 9th/12 Anwaa (אנוע), the 1st/2 in the nawaa (נוע) of Ash Shabt (שבט) covering the period of time of CE 2015, December 16-28 synchronized with the 13 day Trecena beginning 1 Chicchan of the Tzolkin calendar and with the Chinese mansion of JiXiu (宿).

10♠ Swords, 52nd/81

14th/14 mansion generations [3](מדורות רבים) since "the carrying into Babylon until Christ" of WeiXiu (宿) is attributed to the Period of the Advent Preparation's resident Yeshua the Christ[4] (ישוע המשיח) with all analogous to the 14th/14 orbital shells in the inner transition elements Actinide series in f-block of Nobelium No 102 in sub-shell 5f14/14 top electron configuration.

7th/7 QingLong () azure dragon's mansions or houses represents the 7th/7 churches of Asia: Laodicea [5](Λαοδίκεια); "justice of the people"[6] the place of the Laodicean Church.

7th/7 QingLong () azure dragon's mansions according to Genesis 7:3 is occupied with the 7th/7 female (נקבה) fowls (עוף) of the air or heavens (השמים) to keep seed (זרע) alive upon the face of the earth.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the minor arcana [7](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) that is attributed to Caph sofit (ך, Kh Caph Sophit.png) is the 10 of Swords, Weapons or Spades.

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