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7th Period of Nucleo-synthesis

14th/21 Periods of the Cosmos, the 7th/7 Period of Released Thermodynamics is the Period of Nucleo-synthesis covers the period of time of 3 minutes through 20 minutes After The Bang (ATB).

1st/3 primary or mother (אמות) letters[1] (ספרים) of Mem (מ) symbolizes the thermodynamic historical period of primordial nucleosynthesis[2] when the production of atomic nuclei occurs during the first 3 minutes after the bang continuing through to primordial nucleosynthesis.

Concurrent with the beginning of the photon epoch is primordial nucleosynthesis which covers the time of 1.8 x 102 to 1.2 x 103 seconds or 3 minutes to 20 minutes after the Big Bang. During the photon epoch the temperature of the universe drops to the point where atomic nuclei can begin to form. Protons (hydrogen ions) and neutrons begin to combine into atomic nuclei in the process of nuclear fusion. However, nucleosynthesis only lasts for about 17 minutes, after which time the temperature and density of the universe has dropped to the point where nuclear fusion cannot continue. At this time, there is about three times more hydrogen than helium-4 (by mass) and only trace quantities of other nuclei.

The existence of antimatter is cancelled out, as lepton/anti-lepton pairs are annihilated by existing photons. Neutrinos break free and exist on their own.

14th/21 Day-periods of the Period of the Cosmos in Mayanism is transliterated as the 17th/20 trecenas with the 1st/13 prime predominant Muluc/Atl beginning with the 210th/260 count of days, with the ruling energy deity over the entire trecena of Chalchihuihtotolin; "jade turkey," occurring during the 4th/4 worlds of the Mayan and the 5th/5 suns of the Aztec.

ATL (אטל) is the Hebrew root-stem of the term Atlantic (אטלנתך), cognate in both sound and meaning. Muluc; "Red Moon" is the source namesake for Redmond, Washington, the location of The Microsoft Campus and the informal name of Microsoft's corporate headquarters in the city of Redmond, in King county Washington.

The semi-dynamic image (10-12 FPS) of the major arcana [3](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that corresponds to the 7th Period of Nucleo-synthesis is The Wheel symbolized by the Roman numeral X.


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