Period of the Grand Unification Epoch

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2nd Period of the Grand Unification Epoch

9th/21 Periods of the Cosmos, the 2nd/7 Period of Released Thermodynamics is the Period of the Grand Unification Epoch covering the period of time of 10-43 seconds through 10-34 seconds After The Bang (ATB).

2nd/12 simple or elemental (פשוטות) letters[1] (ספרים) of Teth (ט) symbolizes the thermodynamic historical period of the Period of the Grand Unification Epoch, the source of the chaotic inflation theory beginning 10-38 seconds[2] after the bang, a variety of the inflationary universe model and an outgrowth or extension of the Big bang theory after the period of the Planck epoch.

Grand unification theory[3] is the reverse of cosmic inflation that unifies the strong interaction[4] and electroweak interaction. The electroweak force itself a (second) unification of the weak nuclear force and the electromagnetic force.

After impregnating the primeval or primordial waters (השקה) sometimes personified by Nu (נע) or H’Adam (האדם); “the species of Adam” with the breath (הנשמת) of life, and causing them to become purified and fructified (1st/3 great blessings),[5] then out of the state of Tohu (תהו) and “chaos” of the Planck epoch came forth a strong great wind (רוח גדולה) that rent[6] (פרק) the mountains and broke into pieces the rocks, exemplified by Elijah (אליה; her) in the cave[7] (מערה); “after the wind (רוח), an earthquake” [8](רעש) that dispelled the darkness (חשך) of Genesis 1:2 in which was the hidden and concealed fire (האש) that transformed the world out of Tohu (תהו) nothing; “ex nihilo” or as Genesis 2:5 states: “every plant of the field before it was in the earth and every herb in the field before it grew” into Bohu (בהו), and out of a state of chaos to a state receptive of the seeds and germs of life; the fulfillment of the 1st/3 great blessings. This is expressed 1 Kings 19:12 as “and after the fire (האש) a still (דממה) small (דקה) voice” (קול).

9th/21 Day-periods of the Period of the Cosmos in Mayanism is transliterated as the 12th/20 trecenas with the 1st/13 prime predominant of Kan/Cuetzpalin beginning with the 145th/260 count of days, with the ruling energy deity over the entire trecena of Itztlacoliuhqui (-עצ-טל-קל); "plant killer frost," occurring during the 3rd/4 worlds of the Mayan and the 3rd/5 suns of the Aztec.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [9](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that corresponds to is the 2nd Period of the Grand Unification Epoch is the Hermit symbolized by the Roman numeral IX.


Period of Released Thermodynamics
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