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4th Period of the Quark Epoch

11th/21 Periods of the Cosmos, the 4th/7 Period of Released Thermodynamics is the Period of the Quark Epoch covering the period of time of 10-11 seconds through 10-6 seconds After The Bang (ATB).

The 3rd Period of the Electroweak Epoch ends with the 32nd PI at 10-12 seconds after the bang and is the Administrative Intelligence, so called because it directs and associates, in all their operations, the 7 planets, even all of them in their own due courses according to the Sefer Yetzirah appendix, which accounts for the 7 incremental steps for the Period of the Quark Epoch of 10-12 through 10-6 seconds ATB.

4th/12 simple or elemental (פשוטות) letters[1] (ספרים) of Lamed] (ל) symbolizes the thermodynamic historical period of the Quark epoch, the first part of the radiation-dominated era which continues through to the end of the Hadron Epoch.

In electroweak symmetry breaking, at the end of the electroweak epoch, all the fundamental particles are believed to acquire a mass via the Higgs mechanism in which the Higgs boson acquires a vacuum expectation value. The fundamental interactions of gravitation, electromagnetism, the strong interaction and the weak interaction have now taken their present forms, but the temperature of the universe is still too high to allow quarks to bind together to form hadrons (composite particle).[2]

11th/21 Day-periods of the Period of the Cosmos in Mayanism is transliterated as 14th/20 trecenas with the 1st/13 prime predominant of Oc/Itzcuintli beginning with the 171st/260 count of days, with the ruling energy deity over the entire trecena of Quetzalcoatl; "feathered serpent," occurring during the 3rd/4 worlds of the Mayan and the 4th/5 suns of the Aztec.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [3](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that corresponds to the 4th Period of the Quark Epoch is La Mort symbolized by the Roman numeral XIII.


Period of Released Thermodynamics
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  1. Sepher Yetzirah Chapter 5 verse 1
  2. Hadrons are defined as strongly interacting composite particles either as composite fermions called baryons or composite bosons called mesons
  3. Shine or light Psalms 119:135 Hebrew Strong's #215 and Humble, subdue or lowly Leviticus 26:41 Hebrew Strong's #3665

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