Mayan Image Dual Time-identity

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Mayan Dual Time-identity

Mayan Dual Time-identity is composed of two types of foresights: horizontal chronology of series time-analysis and vertical parallel time-analysis and the combination thereof called series-parallel time-analysis. Similar to Providential Time-identity Mayan Dual Time-identity covers 3 Astrological Ages of roughly 6000 years total.

Capricorn.png Mayan Image Dual Time-identity

2nd/3 periods of Mayan Dual Time-identity is the period of Mayan Image Dual Time-identity with 6 future periods roughly paralleling the 2000 years of the approximate astrological Capricornian Age whose mathematical Annual Reports cover the period of time of CE 2104 through CE 4263.


Mayan Dual Time-identity
1st Age 2nd Age 3rd Age
Mayan Symbolic Dual Time-identity Mayan Image Dual Time-identity Mayan Substantial Dual Time-identity


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